NE temperature-controlled

Needle shut-off nozzle temperature controlled silicon

The shut-off nozzle type NE was specially developed for processing elastomers in the LSR injection moulding sector. They are characterised by their integrated cooling system, which uniquely regulates the temperature across the entire nozzle.

This enables problem-free processing of rubber, liquid silicone and other elastomers, as vulcanisation is avoided. The nozzle is made of 100% corrosion-resistant materials and has a pneumatically controlled valve gate that interrupts the melt flow directly at the interface to the mould. For cold runner applications, the nozzle can be equipped with an immersion head.

The improved design consists of fewer parts and enables easier cleaning and assembly. The nozzle is flow-optimised and shears the processed material significantly less.

Maximum injection rate: 500 cm³/s

Maximum injection pressure: 3,000 bar Temperature range: -20°C to 110°C



- Prevents vulcanisation of silicone in the nozzle

- Prevents mass leakage

- Shorter cycle times = higher productivity

- Controlled shut-off at the nozzle tip / mould interface

- Simple installation

- Fast switch-off reaction

- Stainless

- Can be retrofitted


Options for shut-off nozzles:

- Piston position monitoring sensor type SHE

- Flexible control cylinder supply

- Filter systems

- Mould injectors for gas-assisted injection moulding

- Gas injection nozzles

- Injection valves

- Non-return valves


All nozzles are available with a range of options. Each of these options not only offers additional functions, but is also fully integrated into the shut-off nozzle system. Existing nozzles can also be retrofitted with these options. Please check the technical documentation of the respective nozzles for compatibility. Each nozzle can be customised with abrasion and corrosion protection and offers a range of heating and thermal sensor options.

 Mounting on the machine and inital operation NE
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